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Laurence Cherniak
Laurence Cherniak

Laurence Cherniak

Canada | Art
Visionary Peace Activist: Actor/Director/Published Writer/Photo-Journalist/Poet/Painter/Traveller/Linguist/Speaker/Histo
Visionary Peace Activist: Actor/Director/Published Writer/Photo-Journalist/Poet/Painter/Traveller/Linguist/Speaker/Historian. Designed original Canadian Actor’s Equity logo, best photo tribute to Toronto’s 1992 World Series Champs. His portrait painting “My Honey and Me” launched 1st Toronto Arts Week etc.
The First World March for Peace and Nonviolence: Why I am happy to endorse it: by LAURENCE CHERNIAK. Being invited to endorse and participate in the First World March for Peace and Nonviolence is one of the most thankful, highest, moments, in my life. I am most grateful to begin my contribution with putting in to words, why I am thrilled to have been offered this opportunity. The 1st World March For Peace and Nonviolence will accelerate major steps in guiding the consciousness of humanity up to new levels of encouraging each other with loving kindness. I absolutely know that it is a deep part of our natural human instinct to get along. All the negative energies to make war is merely old fashioned trait. Peace among the vast majority of humans has led us, in the beginning of this millennium, to the threshold of every person being able to have their dreams/goals realised. Achieving our dreams/goals has become an inherent part of the cherished responsibility, we have undertaken to ourselves, for our planet’s, happy future, and survival. Our responsibility in being the most advanced species on our planet, by virtue of having recorded our history and of all the other species (who are unable to record their culture for themselves) is constantly on display, to each of us, every day. “That we all get along” is contrary to the many false claims, reports and studies, by too many politicians who claim that people do ‘not’ get along - and that if you do not really know someone personally, then that person should not be trusted; that whoever you do not know could be a terrorist. Politicians should not be allowed to delve into any more fear mongering. Politicians should not be allowed to define and moralise the population’s behaviour. Politicians should not be allowed to treat the people like we are all in kindergarten. Politicians should just do their work which is to administer our government’s systems. Subsequently politics, as it has evolved, over the centuries should stay where it came from. That is, to be left in the past. Every day, all over the world, billions of people, who do not know each other at all, are a part of the following example which demonstrates that, in fact, we get along with each other, very nicely and with meticulous precision. On all of the worlds’s super highways, driver’s vehicles are moving along at various (sometimes high) velocities, often with barely any distance between their vehicles. Almost 100% of all drivers and/or their passengers/cargo arrive safely to their destinations and back. As well, billions more people also get along, driving, on country back roads, in villages, towns and cities. With even (only this one example) of heightened awareness I have every good reason to believe that The World March for Peace and Nonviolence will succeed in its dreams and goals. I urge everyone to come along and join us in this most noble and worthy effort. Through the internet and other means of sharing information it continues to become impossible for politicians and avaricious persons to send us into wars for their financial greed. We now have abundant historical precedents (and patterns of behaviour/traits) which are proofs that many of the same people who have created wars and turmoil in the past have done so, for main purpose of financial gain, via financing those who produce weapons of war and to proliferate conflict. As a result of this natural (over many years) build up of documented reports and artifacts, university libraries, thousands of institutions and the media have vast records of who started and financed each and every war. During the past recent centuries,these records show the elite’s clear patterns of making vast amounts of money from wars. Nonetheless, we are now, (after starting in the 1960’s), more than ever, on the threshold of discovering new planets in the Multi-Verse where the human race will live and thrive. Such activities will bring us out of possible extinction; that one global disaster will destroy the numerous, wonderful studies we have done of all the species on this planet which provides us with an amazing, enriched and meaningful way of life. We have naturally recorded so much to provide, all the inspiration necessary, to encourage each person to enjoy pursuing their dreams/goals. We can be so thankful to every kind of the artists who, more than any other beings, brought us out of living in caves because of starting to record all of history by the drawings that they did on the walls, of their sanctuaries, in caves. We can truly, heartily, congratulate ourselves for having transcended the bewilderment of each and every human being who has past through this life. Every single one of us, at night, has gazed up to the distant stars and wondered when and where and what is meaningful about all this dust in the wind. Spiritualism through our intuition now is giving us all the answers to the heretofore secrets of the Multi-Verse. We have come a long way from those times and are very ready to explore the vast, unending Multi-Verse and all its, (before) not too long ago, unknown elements. that awaits our curious minds in the pursuit of understanding each and every aspect of infinite wisdom. Our ancestors struggled and sacrificed , for many centuries, to bring us to this point in time. We must not disappoint their visions of the future, ourselves, or future generations. Let us honour, respect and value their visionary attributes which pursued their belief that all future generations of children would have the means to bring their dreams/goals to fruition. That each subsequent generation may embrace pursuing the future. That love and tenderness may always promote encouragement to each other. That everyone can be free to inspire each innocent, loving couple in bringing forth a family, is what we have clearly come to understand is the way, for our imagination, to fulfil life, liberty, love and the pursuit of happiness. We now can continuously explore and experience the unlimited frontier before us, of fulfilling each and every one of our ancestor’s tender dreams and loving visions coming true, which would come out of a peaceful world. It is abundantly obvious that the reason we have children is not to send them off, to (die in) wars. I believe the World March on Peace and Nonvilence will diligently serve this purpose, to bring everyone together into a global family. A global family that will forever be united with the strength and purpose of never allowing any of the vicious and nasty past traits to come between people who (often unknowingly) became so used to putting the brakes on each other. Let us now join again and forever our hearts and resources to make this First World March on Peace and Nonviolence a proudly well planted signpost on eternity’s yellow (golden) brick road for everyone. Let each person have the opportunity to be happy and live without any fear whatsoever (or/of) war’s devastating negative energies. If each of us believe in The World March on Peace and Nonviolence then this world and the Multi-Verse will be a better place throughout time (as we know it), for us and our children. Thank you for taking the time to read through this and the following which are just two of the examples, I have deeply experienced of my wildest dreams/goals coming true...and if I can do it, then so can (not only anyone else, but everyone else). Dreams/goals that we can visualise are where we start. However when our dreams/goals come true, enough times, they combine energies and deeper rewards that often manifest themselves; which we never conceived of. The following are, two of my personal examples, which I am, of course, happy to share. As a published writer (especially in photo-journalism) which has been deemed, by several experts, as a valuable addition to our library on human behaviour I humbly present you with this first example of a wildest dream dream coming true. This was and still is a nebulous goal that I have never conceived of, coming out of the mists of time, until it was presented to me and deposited right in the palms of my hands. This first special memory happened more than 15 years after the publishing of the first book in the first trilogy (approximately 1997) of (the above mentioned) photo-journalistic books. This first trilogy features over 30 countries, in which (the first book) are highlighted, my photos and stories, in Morocco, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Nepal. Sooo... a, long time, friend of mine (Jack Herer) arranged an invitation for me to stay, overnight, (at one of his friend’s home, who I was not at all sure I had ever met). I was going to arrive, from my travels, driving up the west coast of the USA from California, at about 2:30AM. I would find the key, to the front door, in a hidden place, was to let myself in, and go to a suite in the home where there were all the conveniences (including access to the kitchen) for me to enjoy and then go to sleep. I was to take some rest and then meet my host in the morning if they had not left, before I woke, to go to their work. That night after I found my way to and through their home; I was nicely settled in. I was gazing at a wall in the large area where I was specifically bedded, that was completely shelved with thousands of books, in alphabetical order. I could see that this was a wonderfully huge personal collection. As I gazed through them I saw the first of my above mentioned photo-journalistic books. I was only slightly taken aback and was certainly delighted to see it. I took it out of its place on the shelves and turned the front cover open. There in the light of that moment I could see I had signed it back in 1979 as one of the limited signed editions that the publisher (Sebastian Orfali of And/Or Press (now RONIN PUBLISHING in Berkeley, California. had sent out. As I gazed at this inside front cover I understood why I had this gracious invitation to stay for a few days at this home. I put the book back in its place and went to lay down and have some rest. During those variations of intermittent sleep, various thoughts came and went to me which gave me an insight into what I never imagined before. This is to say, that one day, now, I would be writing in this very sequence of what Is intended to be an inspiration for you dear reader and your involvement with The World March for Peace and Nonviolence...and thereby express my good fortune to you, on this side of these words to any who care to share in the future of a peaceful existence. When I arose in the morning my host had left me a note in the kitchen that he would be back and he would bring lunch to enjoy on one of his decks, provided the rest of the morning was as beautiful as the day had started out, when he left. I walked directly to the book shelves, took out my book and set it on the pillow that had comforted my head and then went about my morning’s ablutions. After a nice little bath, shower and breakfast I returned to my lodging area, picked up that book and signed for a second time with the current date in 1997. I had, for the first time in my life signed one of my books for a second time. I thought to myself that was an experience that very few author’s might ever have had. Since that book I have signed several books, (up to now) as many as four or five times in these over, last almost 13 years including forcing my sometimes (shy) friend Jack Herer, while on our 2006 tour through western Europe) to do the same, plus signing each others books, as well, while on that tour. The second example, happened over 25 years ago in approximately March of 1987. This story is about my most famous painting which has been reproduced approximately 30,000,000 (million times). The painting is entitled “My Honey and Me”. It depicts a female mime with a male mime standing directly behind her with his head nestled next to hers while resting on her shoulder. I painted them, dressed in rainbow outfits, with their arms entwined around each other. Above them, (in what appears to be a night scene), in the distance, is a rainbow, which arcs, from one side of the painting to the other. Above that rainbow is a traditional set of fireworks exploding up in the sky cascading down over and into the rainbow, depicting the workings of love going off all around them. It is a perfect scene of love with several musical notes, from under the rainbow, coming into the foreground. I was asked, by an old friend (the well known respected writer and member of the Executive Council, Tom Hendry (Board of Directors) to donate the use of this painting to help launch the Toronto Art Awards Foundation’s First Annual Toronto Arts Week in 1987. I was happy to do this. That in itself was a normal dream/goal come true. During the next several months leading up and into October 1987, millions of reproductions were made. It appeared in posters, magazines, flyers, newspapers and on television etc, This painting (for the event it represented) was reproduced and displayed all over the Greater Toronto Area. All that was more of the dream/goal coming true but the best was yet to come - a wildest dream come true, was in store that, once again, I had no idea was going to happen until it was staring at me, right in my face. On the night of the Awards which was the kind of banquet associated with events like Hollywood’s Academy Awards I fulfilled my obligations to attend the ceremonies at the Toronto Convention Centre. About an hour after entering the event while speaking with some of other celebrities that night, two of them (John Hirsch and Tom Hendry who were talking with me, asked) if I had noticed that there were 6 mimes (from Quebec) there, that evening, walking around the audience dressed like the mimes in my painting? I turned and held my breath for a few moments as the mimes were beckoned to come over to where we were by John and Tom who introduced them to me. They did not say a word. I thanked them for being there, they nodded their heads and used their body language to have me pose with them for photos. That night we did a few photo sessions of them posing around me, like the mimes in my painting. My painting had come to life. Those moments gave me the absolute belief that there is such a thing as “wildest dreams coming true”. The degrees of my gratitude for these and the other wildest dreams coming true has filled me with tremendous depths of humility and compassion. I would like to close these writings with extending an invitation to you. Please come along and give your support to The 1st World March for Peace and Nonviolence. I promise you the rewards that will come out of this for all of us will provide to each of us many “wildest dreams coming true” like we could never have imagined. Sincerest regards, LAURENCE CHERNIAK

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