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Miguel Ríos: peace is a dream - but one that will come true

Spain Alcorcón (Madrid) | September 13, 2009 18:51
Miguel Ríos encouraged the audience at his concert in Alcorcón, Madrid to participate in the World March for Peace.

On the night of 12th September, veteran rocker Miguel Ríos played in the town of Alcorcón outside Madrid, as part of his two-year farewell tour he gave the name of "Memorias de la Carretera" ("Memoirs on the Road").  The 15,000 people who came along were blown away by the display of talent, poetry, feeling, energy, and coherence at this farewell to a veritable living legend of Spanish-language music.

Miguel Ríos, an important figure both in terms of music and his commitment to causes like pacifism, non-belligerence or nuclear disarmament, seized the opportunity on this occasion to encourage those present to participate in the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, which will be passing through Madrid on the 14th of November, with the following words: "I'm sure one day Charly García will never again have to sing that song, because no human being will be struck down for any reason; not for reasons of sex, nor religion, nor culture, nor colour, nor skin, nor any cause, nor social or economic difference; each and every human being will be per se the gem of the Universe, the most important thing in the world. For this to happen, I encourage you to join the March for Peace and Nonviolence, which will be passing through Madrid in November, because, my dear friends,... it's a dream, but it will come true!"

Such a memorable night of rock like the one seen in Alcorcón could only end with the universal "Canción de la Alegría" ("Song of Joy"), to which Miguel Ríos had the entire audience singing along, and where the power, joy, and profound emotion of the moment left no one in attendance indifferent.

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